Camping Hossan Lumo's Shop and café

Our convenience store and café serves customers from Easter until the end of October.

The shop has a selection of basic needs, foods for cooking by a camp fire as well as sweet and salty snacks. We also have a selection of ready-made foods, frozen pizzas and frozen vegetables in case you don’t feel like cooking after a day of hiking. We don’t have any fresh vegetables in our selection, so we recommend to buy those on your way to Hossa.

You can buy beer, cider and long drinks to bring with you or you can enjoy them at our café/bar. On top of the basic Finnish lagers we have a selection of imported beers.

We also have a range of ecological products on our shelves including Finnish bio-degradable hygiene products and ecological handmade soap bars.

Most of our souvenirs are locally crafted or made in Finland with our planet in mind.

While doing your grocery shopping why not stop for a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a homemade muffin or a Danish pastry from our local bakery! Or enjoy a refreshing beverage on our terrace facing the lake while listening to the birds sing!

Please note, that our shop is the only one in the Hossa area. Outside our opening months we recommend to stop in Suomussalmi (if coming from the South) or Kuusamo (if coming from the North). There is also a small market in Juntusranta, about 30km south from Hossa that´s open year round.


Opening hours July and August:

Every day 9.00-21.00



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Lumontie 3 (former Hossantie 278 B), FI-89920 Ruhtinansalmi, Finland

Call +358 500 166 377  or email

#hossanlumo @hossanlumo

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